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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Jenny Packham & Halo & Co's stunning new accesories collection!

I have been so excited these past couple of weeks not only has the new Jenny Packham 2011 collection arrived at One & Only - which is getting an amazing response may I add, but the GORGEOUS new bridal accesory collections from JP & Halo & Co have also arrived!

As you girls know from my previous blogs, the new trend for 2011 is side head pieces instead of the traditional tiaras and I am loving this!! Infact I have started to notice that headpieces are not just for bridal wear as many girls are wearing them on special occasions too! We have a massive range so if you are going to any special occasions this year then it really is worth coming to have a look.

The other accesory that seems to be a big part of 2011 bridal trends is the cuff, they look so elegant when worn just slightly further up the arm instead of on the wrist, but either way is equally beautiful. Jenny Packham has designed lots of these this time, and whats even more fab is that she has made quite a few of them to match with her headresses so they just look even more amazing when paired together!

Here are some pictures of just a small amount of the new collections here in One & Only! I managed to get the beautiful Emma to model them for me, I think it makes it so much easier for you all to look at them in someone's hair/wrist that way you can really see how they look and just how much the beautiful detail stands out when they are worn.

P.S for all you ladies who have been waiting the Acacia cuff is now back in stock and I have one in store for you to try!

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